Coeur d'Alene Probate Attorney

People often worry that the probate process is complicated. In Idaho, the truth is that many people go through the probate process with relative ease. It is only when people disagree that difficulties arise.

At the Coeur d'Alene law offices of Ruth J. Fullwiler, Attorney at Law, we can help. Our law firm represents people throughout North Idaho in probate matters.

We often explain to our clients that probate helps to make sure things are distributed according to the will. When we talk with them about the probate process, we discuss the risks and rewards of each possible course of action. We are honest about it. We share the good as well as the bad; that way, the probate decisions that our clients make are smart ones.

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To determine what is necessary in your situation, it is best to talk with Coeur d'Alene probate lawyer Ruth J. Fullwiler. We offer a free half-hour initial consultation and accept all major credit cards as forms of payment. To schedule your free consultation, contact us at 208-215-7037.